Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening

We recommend you follow the advice of YOUR dental and medical professionals.

But for entertainment purposes, we want to show you this video about hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening.

Whitening Teeth with Hydrogen Peroxide

Not to be confused with carbamide peroxide teeth whitening, this video specifically talks about hydrogen peroxide. Cosmetic teeth whitening should not be overlooked as well.

Sources say that both types of peroxide are agents which some people use to oxidize by splitting up large chromophore molecules into smaller less colored molecules.

False Teeth Options

Back in early history, false teeth were made of gold, bone, lead, ivory and other materials (just ask George Washington, the four sets we still have of his aren't wooden).

Since those early days, the bulk of false teeth options were available in porcelain. But now, a particular type of acrylic (PMMA) is most commonly used.

Some people say that porcelain may look more natural and may chew food better, but they may wear down your natural gum tissue faster because they don't absorb the vibrations of chewing as well as acrylic/PMMA.

What Are Dentures and What are Dentures Made Of?

So, what ARE dentures, exactly?

Dentures aren't just for grandparents. But's here's my story. When I was a child both my maternal grandfather had dentures and my paternal grandmother had dentures.

I thought it was peculiar and fascinating at the same time. I knew them simply as false teeth.

Now in adulthood, I know that dentures aren't just for grandparents.

They are prosthetic devices specifically made to replace missing teeth.

What do dentures look like?

From Wikipedia we can see:

Dentures After Tooth Extraction

Regardless of how well the tooth extraction goes, you're likely to experience pain after tooth extraction.

Hopefully, however, you won't experience dry socket after tooth extraction, which is reasonable manageable to avoid if you follow your doctors guidance. You don't want to delay your dentures.

Dental Implants After Tooth Extraction

After you've healed up from after your tooth extraction, you may be considering what is next. Make sure you follow your oral surgeons guidance and prevent dry socket after tooth extraction and other problems, such as infection after tooth extraction, as much as possible.

One of the questions you may want to ask your doctor is "How to stop bleeding after tooth extraction?"

Normally, you'd think the blood would clot and the bleeding would stop, but if you've noticing something unusual, like abnormal swelling after tooth extraction, don't hesitate to call your doctor.

Natural Toothache Pain Reliever

Teeth can heal themselves from the inside out. Your teeth may not be perfect after all the cavities, the fillings and the artificial tooth replacements and bridge work, your teeth have been through the ringer but at least they can still heal themselves.

Natural Painkillers for Toothache

With toothache, the only time we really give a second thought to our teeth is when they’re hurting.

It’s not enough to just treat the pain itself but to get to the main root cause of the problem.

Toothache is one of those things that creeps up on you when you least expect it yet it’s one of the things that could most easily be avoided with a little time and care given.

Natural Toothache Relief

Did you know that not all toothache pain is alike? And did you know that not all toothache pain is straightforward?

Some toothache pain is more serious than others and can signal more serious underlying health issues. Thank your teeth for alerting you to this.

Here are just some of the things you should be looking out for especially if the pain is lingering for long periods of time.

Some of the signs you experience can be symptomatic of other more serious ailments so it can be difficult to give an accurate diagnosis without the assistance of your dentist.

Natural Remedies Toothache

Isn’t it true that we take our teeth for granted until they hurt?

Right now you may be experiencing a toothache and we can all appreciate how that feels but do you know why we get a toothache?

There could be several factors at play where the pain of the tooth itself is merely a manifestation of some other underlying issue. You don’t appreciate it at this moment but your teeth are your body’s warning system that something is wrong.

Natural Remedies For Toothache Pain

Did you know that every remedy to every ailment and disease can found in nature?

In fact I’m willing to bet that what you need right this very moment to rid yourself of your toothache can be found right inside your kitchen pantry and fridge.

We are only scratching the surface in natural pain remedies that the Egyptians have known for thousands of years.

Here’s a great natural remedy that can give you pain relief minutes from now:


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